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CCTV Installation Bohemia

Some Facts Worth Knowing About CCTV Surveillance

Did you know that the first security camera was installed in Germany, on a V2 rocket, by an engineering company? At the time, it actually wasn’t used for crime prevention, but rather, it was used to watch the launch of the rocket. Or, did you know that roughly only 9 percent of consumers today own…

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Make Your Workforce Feel Safer With A Surveillance System From Us

What business owner doesn’t want their valued employees to be productive, comfortable, and secure? If you own a business, naturally, you want the absolute best performance out of your team. After all, your employees are investments and assets of your business, and these investments and assets should be secured with a surveillance system from Macrotech…

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A Few Helpful CCTV Camera Tips

Most security-savvy retail business owners know that having a CCTV camera system installed inside their store will greatly help reduce crime rates as well as promote employee accountability. That being said, many people who use a CCTV surveillance system aren’t nearly maximizing all of the security benefits that they could be taking advantage. Sure, it…

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Keep Your Retail Shop Safe With a Surveillance System

No rightful, hardworking business owner wants to risk losing inventory in their business, which translates to damages in your revenue and profit. Retail businesses are notorious for having items stolen due to the easy and convenient access to products being showcased. If you’re wondering if having a surveillance system in your store will effectively prevent…

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Additional Myths About CCTV Surveillance

  In our previous post about the myths of CCTV surveillance, we touched on some of the main popular misconceptions about CCTV usage. We’re not sure why someone wouldn’t want to feel nice and secure with the added assurance of security cameras, but nonetheless, there’s a mass of misinformation floating out there about all things…

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Popular Myths About CCTV Surveillance

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of security, and it’s also difficult to put a price on something like security that isn’t tangible. Most people seem to recognize the immediate security benefits that you’ll get through our CCTV installation services like we’ve mentioned in a previous post. That being said, there’s a good amount of…

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Immediate Benefits Of Surveillance Installation

Whether you’re a private business or simply a homeowner looking to take care of your property and belongings, chances are that there are things that you wish to safe keep. While installing a CCTV system might not permanently eradicate world crime, there are a number of benefits that you get when you have one of…

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Does A Hidden Camera Help With Security Measures?

If you live in a particular area known for relatively high crime rates or you simply have valued business or personal property that you wish to protect, then getting a hidden camera installed just might be the right option for you. Macrotech has faithfully served the greater New York City area, including Long Island, Garden…

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