Keep Your Retail Shop Safe With a Surveillance System

No rightful, hardworking business owner wants to risk losing inventory in their business, which translates to damages in your revenue and profit. Retail businesses are notorious for having items stolen due to the easy and convenient access to products being showcased. If you’re wondering if having a surveillance system in your store will effectively prevent and reduce shoplifting and crime rates, then we have good news for you!

Indeed, CCTV surveillance cameras have been keeping retail shops and shopping malls safe for decades, and the technology has only improved since their initial implementation. While it’s a shame that we simply can’t trust other humans not to wrongfully steal anything, what you can do as a retail business owner is set up a surveillance system that will record any potential criminal activity.

Macrotech Has Your Security Solution

At Macrotech, we’re proud to offer the greater New York City, Bohemia and Long Island areas with quality security surveillance installation services. Not only will we properly install your surveillance system, but we’ll work closely with you to make sure that your system is supported so that the investment for your business is worth every penny. Learn more about our CCTV installation services here, or read on to learn a little bit more about security cameras for retail businesses.

Why Do You NEED Video Surveillance?

As you can imagine, it’s a total nightmare for retailers to show up at work, only to discover that the store windows are broken and the store is looted. When this occurs (which it does!), unquantifiable amounts of losses and damages take place. One of the problems is that when a store doesn’t have a video surveillance system in place to monitor and record this activity, there’s nothing that the police can do to look into the situation because there’s no proof or evidence of the crime.

While the police can investigate the scene to the best of their ability and ask around for witnesses, if no one was there to see what happened and there is no video evidence of the crime happening, the retailer can be left high and dry. So, theft prevention is the number one reason as to why retailers need CCTV video recording systems installed. It’s not the only reason, but it is a valid one.

Create a Safer Environment

As a retail business owner, it’s your responsibility that customers and employees alike feel safe, secure and comfortable inside of your establishment. So, through constant video monitoring, you’re sending your customers a message that you care about your business and the well-being of customers as they shop around.

Enhance Your Productivity

What business owner doesn’t want productive employees and management? What you’ve probably been able to discover throughout your ownership experience is that when the boss is around, employees are responsible and get things done. With a video monitoring system, your employees are guaranteed to be more productive because they’ll never know when you’re watching. We’re not saying that you should be ‘big brother,’ but your employees should be doing their jobs regardless of if they’re being monitored or not. Accountability helps!

Capture Great Video Quality

Nothing is more frustrating than sifting through shotty, grainy footage in hopes that you can make out a certain detail to solve a crime. Unlike the comparably inferior resolution of outdated VCR-driven recording systems, CCTV surveillance systems utilize digital recording technology for enhanced image quality.

The video that CCTV cameras shoot is typically HD-quality and is stored on a hard drive on-site, or on the cloud, for easy and convenient access. Plus, with all the time that you’ll save without having to be physically on-site to monitor your business, you can focus on what’s really important: doing what YOU want with your important time!

Get Setup With Macrotech Today!

If your retail operation doesn’t have modern CCTV cameras set up throughout your business, then you must upgrade to the latest and greatest in surveillance technology with Macrotech. Contact us here to get started!