A Few Helpful CCTV Camera Tips

Most security-savvy retail business owners know that having a CCTV camera system installed inside their store will greatly help reduce crime rates as well as promote employee accountability. That being said, many people who use a CCTV surveillance system aren’t nearly maximizing all of the security benefits that they could be taking advantage. Sure, it pays to have security cameras, but it pays even more to effectively and efficiently use them.

Macrotech Has Your Back

Macrotech is here to provide retail shop owners and other business owners with quality CCTV camera installation and maintenance in the greater New York City and surrounding areas. We’re dedicated to the success of local business owners, and to learn more about our CCTV installation services, visit here or read below for a few useful tips on how to maximize your CCTV camera(s). Let’s take a quick look.

Proper Cabling

This is more of a matter on our send since we’ll be the ones doing your CCTV installation, but it’s an important matter nonetheless. Leaving your CCTV cables exposed can make the system vulnerable, as the cables could easily be tampered with. For CCTV systems – especially outdoor systems – we’ll ensure that your cables are properly housed wherever possible.

Image Quality Conditions

To get the most out of your security camera(s), you’ll want to consider certain factors that affect image quality. For instance, if your cameras are relatively exposed, should you consider installing shrouds to help protect the housing of the camera? Additionally, if your security camera(s) is installed outside, is there any foliage that might obscure the view? Nearby lighting is also a valid consideration, as outside sources of light can also greatly affect image quality.

Keep Stability In Mind

Pan, tilt and zoom cameras can have a major impact on the ability of a remote monitoring and alarm receiving center to remotely monitor a site. That is to say, this allows the operators of a CCTV camera to focus in on suspicious activity and even follow intruders as they navigate a site. Live monitoring is better than viewing criminal activity after the incident occurs.

Have You Had Any Previous Incidents?

Previous criminal activity, largely dependent on where your business is actually located, can affect the usefulness of your CCTV security system setup. When we install security cameras at your business, we always check with the customer to see if they’ve experienced any sort of break-in or security breach in the past. This gives important insight into whether there are any ‘weak spots’ in the business, and so forth.

Call Macrotech to Further Secure Your Business

We know that losses and crimes are no fun to deal with as a hardworking business owner. Protect your valuable property and inventory by getting hooked up with our CCTV installation and support services today!