Some Facts Worth Knowing About CCTV Surveillance

Did you know that the first security camera was installed in Germany, on a V2 rocket, by an engineering company? At the time, it actually wasn’t used for crime prevention, but rather, it was used to watch the launch of the rocket. Or, did you know that roughly only 9 percent of consumers today own a security camera, and yet, around 67 percent of burglaries can be deterred via CCTV installation? We’re guessing that, off the top of your head, you probably didn’t know these interesting tidbits about surveillance cameras. But you’re here now, right? In today’s blog post, Macrotech is going to cover some random and interesting facts about security systems and security cameras.

Macrotech Has Various New York Areas Covered

We’re proud to offer New York City, Bohemia, Garden City and Long Island with quality CCTV support and installation services to help secure your business or residence. We have a whole page dedicated to those services here, so check that out and learn some things about surveillance cameras that you may not have known about in the process.

CCTV Is Popular In The UK

Most people seem to know that England is a hotspot for public surveillance, but what’s interesting is that in the US and the UK, video surveillance cameras are used somewhat ubiquitously, and yet, they are much more prevalent in the UK. The UK has roughly 4 million cameras, which equates to about 20 percent of the world’s total surveillance camera installations. That’s roughly one surveillance camera for every eleven people in the UK.

Surveillance Cameras Are Used For More Than Just Stopping Crime

If you’re looking for an easy way to identify employees, security cameras are a great option. What about observing a dangerous phenomenon from afar? You guessed it; surveillance cameras are the way to go. Additionally, security cameras are being used in industrial areas where it is not safe or physically/logistically possible for a human to enter.

Thermographic cameras are also often used by nuclear power plants and other volatile factories to measure temperatures and collect data that might otherwise be unsafe for a human to collect, even with the proper safety gear. Factor in the obvious utility for security cameras to monitor traffic and prevent/solve crime, and what you get is a versatile and comprehensive monitoring solution that’s virtually unbeatable.

A Security Camera With German Heritage

As we mentioned above, the first security camera was strapped to a German rocket in order to safely monitor the launch. The security camera was designed and installed by the German engineer Walter Bruch. 20 years after he developed the first early security camera, it made an appearance in Olean, New York. The city installed the cameras in its business district for a logical reason: In hopes that it would help fight and deter crime. Soon, the use of cameras to monitor and record potential criminal activity spread like wildfire throughout the world.

Stay Safe And Secure With Macrotech

Surveillance cameras have been around for plenty of time to establish a proven track record, so the benefits that our CCTV installations will have for your home or business will certainly speak for themselves. Get hooked up with your very own surveillance system today with Macrotech.