Popular Myths About CCTV Surveillance

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of security, and it’s also difficult to put a price on something like security that isn’t tangible. Most people seem to recognize the immediate security benefits that you’ll get through our CCTV installation services like we’ve mentioned in a previous post. That being said, there’s a good amount of misinformation floating around the internet that we’d like you to be aware of.

We offer comprehensive CCTV installation services here at Macrotech, along with CCTV support and anything else related to implementing and maintaining your security system. We want you to feel secure and know that your security system is working properly without fail. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the myths surrounding CCTV surveillance.

Myth: You’re Asking For Trouble If You Have Cameras

We suppose that the logic makes sense on this one, but this also just isn’t true. Many people seem to think that if a perpetrator or wrongdoer sees that there’s a security camera, they’re going to take it as a challenge. What will really happen is that if they see the camera, the chances are that the camera has already seen them. So, before they even make their next move, your CCTV system has already identified them. Anyone with even a decent sense of judgment will know that they’re being watched, and move away from the area.

Myth: All Security Cameras Are Automatically HD These Days

Actually, this is not the case. In fact, standard analog cameras and DVRs are still the most popular security cameras on the market today, primarily because of value and affordability. Just having any sort of halfway decent security is all that most people need to further their security measures. Which brings us to the next myth…

Myth: Bigger Security Cameras Are Better

You’ve probably heard that “bigger is better” doesn’t apply to many different things, and security cameras are included. If anything, a smaller security camera is a better idea because they’re easier to conceal and thus more effective at catching wrongdoers in the act. Plus, if the CCTV camera is small and concealed, then it is less likely to be vandalized, which unfortunately does tend to happen with security cameras.

Myth: Wireless Systems Are More Popular Than Ever Before

Wireless security systems are nothing new to the surveillance market, and can actually be very cheap and poor quality, or even on the verge of being outlandishly very expensive and/or difficult to install. In fact, wireless security systems are also no more popular today than they were ten years ago, probably due to the above reasons.

The main reason that wireless systems are so much more expensive than wired systems is due to all of the extra hardware in wireless systems that’s required to match the performance standards of traditional wired systems. It is generally not recommended to get setup with a wireless security camera system unless you absolutely have to.

Stay Tuned For More Myths About CCTV Surveillance

It’s a shame that people are willing to believe things that simply aren’t true about CCTV security and surveillance, but it does happen. Despite this misinformation, Macrotech is still dedicated to providing the greater New York, Bohemia, Garden City and Long Island areas with CCTV installation and support services so that you have that priceless feeling of security whether or not you’re at home. Learn more about our CCTV installation services from Macrotech today, or feel free to contact us to get more information about our computer repair, cloud solutions, or network security services.


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