Does A Hidden Camera Help With Security Measures?

If you live in a particular area known for relatively high crime rates or you simply have valued business or personal property that you wish to protect, then getting a hidden camera installed just might be the right option for you. Macrotech has faithfully served the greater New York City area, including Long Island, Garden City, and Bohemia, by providing CCTV installation and implementing other kinds of video surveillance systems.

The question is, does having a hidden camera actually help you lock down security measures? For some yes, for others no. It ultimately depends on your needs, what your situation is, and what you’re willing to invest. Fortunately, our experienced technicians at Macrotech are able to tackle nearly any kind of CCTV installation scenario, ranging from simple residential security to complex, large-scale commercial operations. Let’s take a quick look at the effectiveness of hidden cameras.

How Do Hidden Cameras Work?

When stripped down to the basics, a hidden camera is basically a small board camera built into an every item such as a clock, toy, radio, or another electronic device. Actually, hidden cameras can be fitted into just about anything, or even be placed in an inconspicuous location on their own.

Board cameras feature a very small but powerful lens that is often referred to as a pinhole lens. The relatively small size of a pinhole lens allows it to easily be hidden inside of everyday items. The effectiveness of a hidden camera in question at least partially depends on the environment that you intend on recording in. Board cameras with high-quality CCD (charge-coupled device) lenses will give a higher resolution sensitivity to light, which makes them an excellent choice for recording video outdoors or in other low-light conditions.

The Convenience of Wireless Hidden Cameras

Wireless cameras contain a board camera that is attached to a small but powerful wireless transmitter which sends a video signal to a receiver, similar to that of a radio. The receiver is then connected to a remote viewing or recording device like an embedded DVR or TV unit. This makes the security video feed viewable in real-time or to be recorded for later playback.

Convenience at a Cost

While wireless surveillance cameras are sleek, discreet and generally hassle-free, they also tend to cost more than other hidden cameras because of the added transmitter and receiver hardware found inside. That being said, the extra cost is often worth it because the absence of wires means that you can more easily place the hidden camera in a location where it will not be detected (it is a hidden camera for a reason).

Effectiveness of CCTV Depends

As we mentioned, whether or not a CCTV system is effective depends on your security needs. In some situations, a hidden camera might not deter a thief simply because they don’t see the camera in the first place, but if your intentions are to catch someone unknowingly being recorded, then a hidden camera is probably the way to go.

Regardless of what your specific security needs are, know that the helpful team at Macrotech is here to tackle any CCTV support, surveillance installation or security camera-related issues that you or your business is experiencing. If you’re seeking out professional CCTV services, look no further than Macrotech today! Learn more about CCTV installation here.

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